Let’s face it for most of us suddenly our major  interaction…is on social media. We find friends with like interests - suddenly Have you noticed you spend lots of time on Facebook suddenly. It’s strange right. It’s true though on a daily basis you want to catch up with your friends. After a while the way you view your friends changes. Just because of the story they tell. Not just one post but a multitude of posts let you know who they really are. It’s an ongoing dialogue. You realise we are really in a new world of the way we operate our friendships. You really are greatful for the way social media allows you to keep in touch with the ongoing dialogue of your friend’s lives. And your seemless ability to get close in an internet kind of way, to those you admire. Welcome to Social Media Marketing 101
  8) Trueblue strengthens influence andelevance.
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1) Well you met trueblue already right? trueblue has been writing a lot about robot self discovery. He has lots of fans but let’s see why?
2) His posts  have attracted one of the cutest robots out there. “MaterialSoulGal” gets and really relates to what what trueblue is saying.
4) MaterialSoulGal searches out friends, peers, groups, and advisors who equate to what she feels, likes, desires and holds sacred. |Places relevant to where she lives.
6) One day she discovers trueblue. Trueblue not only espouses the very things that are core to her belief systems but on top of that has likes from a number of her friends. Friends that she respects. She follows trueblue. she likes shares and comments on trueblues posts she finds trueblue on other social media channels. She becomes emotionally stimulated by her connection with trueblue and others.
7) MaterialSoulGal continues her journey and becomes ever more grounded in her relationship with her own online identity . She matures within this group.
3) For MaterialSoulGal it’s easier to equate her thoughts dreams and desires through her virtual expressions in likes and happy faces rather than finding her acknowledgement in another one on one human interaction which is likely to create anguish in disparant beliefs. In the social media space an ignore is not offensive, after all.
True Blue
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