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RED templates are created by top professional designers, so the quality is guaranteed. But of course you can

customize the color, text, images, size etc to create your own personal look without any loss of quality.  You select

the look, we write, customise and optimise to your needs. We have most styles covered. Many business ready

themes ready to go! It's the best of both worlds! Find out how you can have an amazing website at a fraction of

the price today!

Now RED gives our clients the ability to update specific parts of  your website, using any web browser, and re- publish your own changes.  This is a type of Content Management System (CMS) that is super-easy to use (not to say really fast, fluid, and WYSIWYG). The system works with Google Drive or Dropbox. Website owners, often small business owners, rarely have the time, skill or inclination to learn web design or new desktop software. We have designed  RED Online Designer to be usable by even the most non-tech savvy users. This allows you, for example, to update the content and replace pictures. They click Save using Online Designer, and within 30 seconds or so, your Designer file has been updated on your computer with all the new content.  You click ‘Publish’ and your website is updated The great thing about this approach is that you, the client cannot mess with the design - you can only update the text and pictures, using a web-based system that dramatically simpler and easier to use than alternatives.  You have client the power to update and re-publish content, as often as you like, without having to involve us - your files are synced to our cloud drive (and desktop computer).


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