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SO YOU WANT TO GET COPY THAT SELLS..RIGHT?  …Then Read on. What You Don’t Know About Ad Copywriting… Could Cost You Much More Than Just Your Business. But what if there was a way you could convert 15 percent, 25 percent—even 50 percent or more—of your website visitors into customers; how much more money would you earn as a result?   Q IS A PICTURE IS WORTH MORE THAN A THOUSAND WORDS? A NOT ON THE WEB Words are the true currency of the web. The single most important ingredient in a website is web copy. Words make the sale, and no amount of cool graphics, interactive bells and whistles, cutting-edge design, or sophisticated e-commerce infrastructure could ever compare to the selling ability of compelling web copy. David Ogilvy, legendary advertising man, wrote in his book Ogilvy on Advertising (Knopf, 1985), “There is no law which says that advertisements have to look like advertisements. If you make them look like editorial pages, you will attract more readers. Roughly six times as many people read the average article as the average advertisement. Very few advertisements are read by more than one reader in twenty.” In fact, in a split-run test conducted in Reader’s Digest, an editorial-style ad boosted response by 80 percent over the standard ad layout. Want to know more about great copy that increases your bottom line? Get a FREE CONSULT on your existing copy today. Five Ways to Write Scannable Copy 1. Use bulleted lists to summarize content. 2. Highlight (by using bold or italic fonts or by underlining) selected keywords to help scanners move through your web copy. 3. Write meaningful subheads. 4. Present one idea per paragraph. 5. Use the inverted pyramid style of writing; that is, present key points and conclusions first, followed by less important information and background material  
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